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My relationships with Cancers have been toxic, the most painful but also the deepest I have ever experienced on all levels. They are cheaters but then make you feel on top of the world like your the only thing that matters. Prepare to be on a roller coaster ride of mixed confusing emotions when dealing with a Cancer. Lots of highs but many more lows. I'm a Leo girl who has a crush on a Cancer guy. We are fwb and in the beginning I wasn't that into him but he seemed like he really wanted me and liked me a lot and that grew on me, but recently it feels like things have died down and he still keeps me at a distance.

He knows how I feel about him and knows that I want to get closer to him and hang out and etc. When we do it's amazing and he's very kind, caring and attentive and we have the most amazing talks. I always give him gifts but he has never given me anything to date except once when we were first seeing each other where I pushed him away because I have my own issues with trust and he also forgot my birthday which really hurt my feelings a lot.

Deep down I always have this nagging feeling that he doesn't really like me and likes someone else and he always reassures me that, that's not the case and that he's genuinely busy but then I worry that maybe he's trying to be nice because Cancers don't like hurting others. Am I just being insecure and this Cancer likes me, or is he just being extra nice as most Cancers tend to be? I am a cancerian guy July 1 to be precise , but not really found any girl to love me for who I am Im Virgo, A cancer man found me two years ago.

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At first i was not interested in him at all. Just resentley him and i found each other again. Im happy that i give him my time. He is all of what i have read. He like me and i like him.

These Are The Most Compatible Zodiac Signs As Friends

He even told me im the one. No man ever told me that. And to say to me he love me. He is a keeper. Thank you God for sending him to me. My Cancer Man. This is a Cancer you're talking about. Sometimes they withdraw into themselves for a few days. It's normal, it's healthy for them, but it can leave people bewildered when they were talking daily beforehand. Don't stress about it until you have proof there's something wrong. If they're not communicating, your best bet is leaving them messages like "I hope you're alright", "I'd love to hear from you" or "I'm worried about you". Your worst bet is casting suspicion on them or becoming angry.

It's once that 4 days becomes something much longer, like weeks, that you should worry and demand answers. They might need a reminder that leaving you out of the loop hurts you, but it's a lesson they can learn. All this is assuming there isn't something else wrong, of course, but in general this is standard Cancerian. Your man isn't likely to have skeletons in his closet. Just moods he can't always help. So Ive never done this forum thing before but I am just so clueless at this point. I am a Taurus female I have been dating a cancer man for about 2 months now. We have clicked perfectly from our goofiness together, to our same understanding on how we raise our kids we don't have kids together- previous relationships , to how perfect our intimacy is with one another all the way down to the way that we both understand each other.

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I am a very affectionate person and everytime I do something he has never experienced he gets so excited and states how he has never experienced this with someone before or how he loves specific things about me. Since the day we have met we have talked or texted each other pretty much everyday.

We have had no issues or confrontation just one day it seems like he just pulled back and stopped communicating as much and hasn't answered my phone calls or anything. That has only been happening for about 4 days but I am concerned as to what is happening here.

He will look at a text and leave it on read with no response. Can someone please help!

Hi, Virgo girl here, and I really like everything it says about Cancer, and I even had a Cancer boyfriend when I was a young teen 15 and I ended things with him because I was young still and unable to stay in a long-term relationship I'm 47 now but the qualities are pretty on point about what they are like in a relationship as long as they remain interested. I've seen some Cancer men and women in relationships and if someone else piques their interest, nothing holds them back, and the fact that they are involved with someone else doesn't seem to matter much. They get lifted off the ground very easily like a "follow your nose" kind of thing.

Its a scary thought that they could be here today and gone tomorrow and you are left with your heart in your hand as nothing is worse than healing a broken heart. And yes, its a part of life, but one I feel they seem to accept quite easily. It seems a bit cold to me. None of them ever did it to me but I've seen their tendency with this. I dont like sum of the things it says,but soooo damnit True!!! I am a sag girl 35yo my man is the cancer 49yo. We been living together a yr now. I alrrasy met his children n family.

But lately I have been doubting his love for me since i recently found out he been texting an old female friend of his who i believe he has feelings for. But when i ask him he lies bout still having contact wit her. I always felt that he wanted to be wit her but chose me cus shes married. I dont know what to do. Should i leave him so he can try to be with her? I have a strong feeling that he has feelings for her. And our relationship has ups n downs. He knows i didnt want him talking to her anymore but he does it behind my back.

Any advise. I'm a Libra and I think I just lost my cancer man due to being so insecure and stupid I really love him and I didn't believe you was in love with me but he is and I'm going crazy cuz he won't talk to me. The same also for Cancer women but at least, Cancer women are incredible sexy..

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They look at you like a catwoman and you keep falling, falling and falling in love with her.. They are so much indecisive so they need a man who can be decisive, but they have those eyes.. So dreamy and magical!! As a Scorpio man, we need a dream because we make it reality.. When he smiles, it melts my heart. When I hear his laughter I am happy. I love our friendship and the time we spend together. I am falling for him and yes I am a Leo woman.

He is considerate and thoughtful, funny, and charming.

source url He is a home body but we have this bubble that is impenetrable. The simplest things are what he enjoys. He has a passion inside him that takes over me when we are intimate so I hope it's true when they say love and sex are one in the same for these men because I love him. Are there any Cancer men out there that can give me insight on this: a friend of his told me, without prompting from me, that he said he loves me but he hasn't told me how he feels at all.

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Do I just wait for him to tell me or should I open up about my feelings to him? You are a very lucky girl if you get yourself a cancer man. Cancer and Leo are the highest in compatibility stakes but astrologer don't want to get that cat outer the bag because they are water and fire therefore might confuse their followers.

I vote a Leo woman to be more compatible with Cancer man than Taurus woman. Do Cancer men really hate to be teased, even insulted even if only playfully?

I'm a Scorpio female who always comes across as a nice girl and oh so predictable, so I tried to opt for the playful insult to shift that perception a bit and build attraction, but something tells me it was more like a turn off for him. How then do I build attraction with him?

I totally enjoyed reading your message about Cancer men. The cancer man I'm dating seems 'fits that exact mould. I don't know where this is going to end up but I'm all in. Thanks for sharing all about Cancer men. Great read. I'm a cancer man and I do agree with the article. But I have had some relationships which left me no choice but to grow. I'm also very aware of my connection to the moon.

When I feel the 'low tide' I know it's only temporary and keep myself busy with tasks until it passes. Out of the suggested matches I've been with a Pisces, was deep spiritual connection but too irrational. A Scorpio, deep sexual connection but lacking in friendship. A Taurus, good friendship but not mature enough. And a Capricorn, probably the best match. Very complimentary in yin yang sense.

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If woman are trying to impress a cancer man.